Ecology and safe treatment of man-made waste

Kazakhstan possesses 1, 7 mln tons of proven uranium deposits, which makes the country the second largest in the world in uranium reserves.

In 2012, JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom”, the national operator on uranium exploration in Kazakhstan, maintained its leading position in uranium exploration in the world. The company’s share in the global uranium market is 20% taking into account share of its subsidiaries and dependent companies.

At present, considering the intensive industrial growth, environment protection from the impact of man-made waste has become one of the most essential problems that the company faces. The National Atomic Company “Kazatomprom” takes responsibility for maintaining favorable environment and rational use of the mineral resources.

The following laws regulate the activities of the Company:

  1. The law on the use of nuclear power
  2. The Law “On radiation safety of the population”
  3. Environmental Code
  4. The law “On the sanitary-epidemiological welfare of the population”
  5. The Law “On Licensing”

The priorities of the JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom” are to ensure safe working conditions, protect the health of personnel and the population living in areas of the company’s activities, and to prevent possible radiological and chemical impact on the environment.

In this regard, the Working Group was established at JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom” to develop a strategy for radioactive and other hazardous waste. The Working Group consists of the representatives of relevant ministries, organizations, and foreign companies.

In accordance with the approved Action Plan of the Working Group “Institute of High Technology” developed “Qualifier of Man-Made Waste in the Republic of Kazakhstan” and “Strategy for the management of radioactive and other hazardous waste by JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom”

The purpose of the Strategy is to establish and provide efficient functioning of the waste management system, which will give the opportunity to manage waste of all types and categories, either accumulated in previous years or resulting from the present activities, and minimize waste accumulation through the rational use of financial, technical and human resources.

The Company’s work on the development of high-tech safe recycling, reduction and decontamination of industrial waste, as well as technologies for the remediation and rehabilitation of radiation-contaminated areas are necessary measures in the framework of the government policy to protect the public and the environment during the use of nuclear energy.

To implement the priority tasks, the Company continuously provides methodological guidance and analyzes nuclear, radiation and technical safety, health and the state of the environment at JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom”.  Services on protection of occupational health and environment operate in all business units of the company. Certification of production facilities is carried out in a timely manner. Regular monitoring of the production and environmental radiation is conducted, which is an integral part of the overall control for the protection of the environment.

The Safety Declarations of the plants have been developed and approved at the enterprises of at JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom”. To eliminate the consequences of possible accidents, certified established specialized units, including the dispatching services with operational link with the head office of the company and the authorities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, were established. The work on the continuous improvement of OSH management systems, environment, and introduction of advanced international management experience in environmental management and occupational health and safety personnel is conducted on a regular basis.

Respect for nature and people is the prerequisite of the success of JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom”.

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