The team of highly qualified specialists of “IHT” LLP developed new and updated current technologies of uranium mining and processing, such as:

  • Intensification of carrying out of geotechnological field at uranium ISL on the basis of new technical solutions of filtration for mining enterprises;
  • Use of different oxidants that intensify processes of uranium extraction using ISL;
  • Method of intensification of uranium ISL using of hydrogen peroxide;
  • Technology of electrochemical activation of leaching solutions;
  • Equipment for intensive sorption on the basis of ion resins of small granulation, selected and tested optimal technological regimes of sorption, additional sorption and elution of uranium;
  • Sorption-sedimentation technology of chemical concentrate of natural uranium production with high quality;
  • Designed and manufactured sorption-elution circuit of SDK;
  • Technology of intensification of circulated solution purification from impurities, additional recovery of uranium from it, rate of denitration increasing and reduction of specific consumption of ammonium nitrate;
  • Qualified testing of ion exchange resins od different manufactures for optimization of sorption process;
  • Using of three-component mixture of extractants for uranium extraction on purpose to reduce losses of metals and increase commodity product quality;
  • Using of activated liquid at additional sorption of resin by commodity desorbate;
  • Method of microintensive impact on sulfuric acid before it using at uranium ISL application of ultrasound for optimization of technological processes at processing of uranium productive solution;
  • New equipment of centrifugal type for sedimentation and setting of yellow cake;
  • Mobile complex for uranium extraction from productive solution is developed, which is used for carrying out of small geological deposits that are situated far from processing facility and required high financial expenses for pipelines construction and installation of pumping equipment;
  • Technology of co-recovery of rare and rare earth metals at deposits of JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom”.


On the base of LLP “Stepnoe RU” pilot technological polygon was created, which provided pilot testing of new materials, innovative technologies, and equipment for intensification of technological processes, quality improvement,  and reduction of production costs and co-products costs (rare and rare earth metals) at enterprises of JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom”. Developed FS of investment projects – “Creation of quartz production of high purity” and “Creation of pilot production of 100 tons per year of polycrystalline solar grade silicon on the basis fluorine technology”

            IHT specialists developed feasibility study for “Experimental demonstration power complex” at Kyzemshek settlement of Sozak region, Southern Kazakhstan and established the Laboratory for materials study and analysis.

            IHT provides patent protection of intellectual property and organizes inventors’ work at JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom”.

IHT arranges professional training for the personnel of mining enterprises. Its specialsists updated qualification requirements on 12 major occupations, developed curricula and tests in Russian and Kazakh languages. Educational computer programs to visualize and model different technological processes have been developed.

Special classroom is located at the Institute’s experimental technological site at Kyzemshek settlement, whose conditions imitate the real production site, so that trainees can acquire technological skills required for work and get training on occupational safety.   

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