Scientific research and pilot testing

  • Analysis, adaptation, use, and transfer of the latest scientific and technological developments of the global nuclear industry and related industries;
  • Carrying out R&D projects and pilot tests for the nuclear industry, mining and metallurgical complex;
  • Conducting marketing, scientific and patent research of the materials and technologies in the atomic industry, including chemical, high and dual-use, in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Development of new and improvement of existing technological schemes of mining and extraction of uranium through ISL;
  • Development of new technical and technological solutions related to technological processes at the enterprises of the nuclear industry;
  • Development of technologies for complex processing of uranium ore by in-situ leaching (ISL) with simultaneous extraction of rare earth and other elements;
  • Mining and extraction of uranium from smaller geological deposits located substantially further from the processing complex using the mobile unit;
  • Conducting pilot testing of ion exchange resins and adsorbents with recommendations for their use.

Design work
Design of industrial and civil construction with the use of computer technology in accordance with international standards.

Feasibility study development

Preparation of feasibility reports; conducting feasibility studies; development of feasibility studies, business plans, and business processes; localization of the functional responsibilities of the participants of business processes; development of the total quality management systems; consulting and engineering services.


  • Assessment of radioecological situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan; establishment of a monitoring system; visual presentation of the data;
  • Development of measures to improve the radio-ecological situation; development and introduction of modern methods of radiation protection, and individual and collective means of control and protection;
  • Development  of EIA projects for mining and processing facilities and methods of environment recovery at waste mineral deposits;
  • Study of problems and development of new materials and technologies for the disposal of radioactive waste.

Automated control systems
Development and implementation of geographic information systems, development and implementation of computer-aided design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM, SCADA), knowledge management systems.


Design and development of software and providing related services for its implementation and maintenance. Concept development and information security.

Testing of new materials, innovative technologies, devices and equipment
Conducting pilot tests of new materials, innovative technologies, devices and equipment at the experimental technology test site (“Stepnoe RU” LLP) to intensify technological processes, improve quality, reduce production cost of commodities and related products  (rare and  rare earth metals) of the enterprises of JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom”:

  • Issuing technical regulations and other regulatory documents;
  • Technical and economic assessment of the use of the latest developments;
  • Training and professional development of engineers and technical workers of the company enterprises.  

Intellectual Property Management
A full range of services on management of intellectual property (patent investigations, the definition of technical standards and non-infringement development, identification of patentable results of scientific and technological activities, registration of security documents, license agreements, promotion of the commercialization of intellectual property).

Knowledge Management

  • Information security in the companies of mining and metallurgical complex and nuclear industry;  modern technologies for conservation and management of knowledge, preparation of analytical studies.
  • Providing services for organizing and carrying out scientific conferences and forums, business training, training seminars and meetings.
  • Development of unified industry standards, technical regulations, instructions, regulations, rules and other normative and technical documentation of the uranium industry.
  • Project management.

Educational and training activities

Training, retraining and advanced training of workers, engineers, technicians, and management personnel of JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom” and other enterprises with his participation.

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