Department of management and commercialization of intellectual property

(head of the Department – Kaipbayev D. K.,  Candidate of technical sciences

Major directions of activities:

  1. To provide legal services to JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom” and its subsidiaries on the rights to the outcome of intellectual activity achieved as a result of scientific research, integrated science and technology projects, technological developments;
  1. To develop, coordinate, and receive approval for the local regulatory documents regarding the Company’s  intellectual property management;
  2. To conduct patent, technical and legal inspections, identifying commercially viable intellectual property and providing valuation and commercialization services;
  3. To maintain and enhance computer information system “Knowledge Base”. Regular replenishment of its scientific and technical information.

Outcome of activities:

  1. Since the Patent Office was established, 150 applications to protect inventions and 27 applications to register copyright, including 80 applications with the participation of IHT as a co-applicant, have been filed;
  2.  117 titles of protection for industrial property rights have been received, where 67 patent rights are held by IHT;
  3. Computer-based information system “Knowledge base” of JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom” (16 portals and more than 17,000 full-text files of 25 GB) has been created.

Prospective directions

  1. To organize patent protection of efficient technologies and inventions in foreign countries;
  2. To carry out activities to evaluate intellectual property and account for as non-material assets and commercial use;
  3. To develop “Knowledge Base” in accordance with scientific – technical studies and production activities of JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom”;
  4. To create new information technologies and expand a network of “Knowledge Base” users.

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