Providing innovative development of the nuclear industry in Kazakhstan

Currently, nuclear power is the Republic of Kazakhstan has significant prospects for development. There is a developed uranium mining and processing industry with the infrastructure for fundamental and applied research. In the future, by 2020 Kazakhstan plans to increase its stake in the world’s output for uranium enrichment and conversion, as well as for the production of nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants. The construction and commissioning of new facilities are planned. The share of manufacturing the fuel pellets will increase significantly. By 2020 Kazakhstan intends to commission at least one nuclear power station on the territory of the Republic.

Implementation of the Program of development of the nuclear industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011 - 2014 years, with the prospect of development till 2020 will allow:

-          To develop nuclear technology for use in various sectors of the economy;

-          To ensure the socio-economic development of the territories of the Republic of building nuclear power plants in the regions;

-          To develop international cooperation in the nuclear field.

In order to implement these objectives, it is necessary to consolidate the existing intellectual and other resources, coordinate scientific and engineering activities, generate and maintain the “human capital” to implement the results of accelerated development in the nuclear field, develop and disseminate innovative organizational and management techniques, which will ensure the long- term competitiveness of the nuclear industry of Kazakhstan on the international arena.

In the third millennium, any company’s greatest values are qualified employees, a well-known brand name, leading technology, and a corporate culture. Intellectual capital is a key factor in the development of the innovation system. At the same time, some aspects of the commercialization of innovations remain unsolved in the field of innovation and the problems of formation and development of the innovation process are not fully identified.

Therefore, research aimed at establishing control mechanisms and formation of an effective system of commercialization of innovations is quite essential. In order to provide innovative development of the nuclear industry the following are necessary:

-          Positive perception of new ideas and technologies, a special role of scientific knowledge, willingness to create and implement innovations of various applications;

-          Express automation and computerization of all spheres of production and management resulting in developed infrastructure, which ensures creation of information resources necessary to maintain the scientific and technological progress and innovation development;

-          System of advanced training and re-training of professionals in the field of innovation, effectively implementing complex projects of reconstruction and development of production;

-          Substantial changes in the structure, which lead to the expansion and promotion of innovative activities, not only in production but also in other areas of the company activities (management, education, culture);

-          Development of innovative infrastructure capable of rapidly and flexibly implementing innovation based on high production technology and deploying innovation aimed at improving the competitiveness of production.

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