On June 16, 2014, the mobile unit for extraction of uranium from product solutions was formally commissioned

On June 16, 2014, on the grounds of “Stepnoe RU” LLP, 100% subsidiary of JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom”, the official ceremony of commissioning of the mobile unit for extraction of uranium from product solutions took place. The mobile unit has been designed for the first time and is intended for the industrial development of the remote geological deposits and small deposits of uranium, located far from the stationary processing facilities. Capacity of the mobile unit is 100 m3/hr for product solutions (about 20-25 tons of uranium per seasonal work period).

The mobile unit consists of:

• Processing line product solutions;
• Ion exchange columns;
• Auxiliary equipment and containers;
• Collapsible concrete base;
• Buffer tanks V-15 m3;
• Pumping station with pump units;
• Compressor station;
• Storage space for sulfuric acid V-15 m3;
• Room for the Express - Laboratory;
• Tanks for temporary storage of solid low-level radioactive waste (SRW);
• Dispatcher’s office with switchboard and control panel;
• Power supply, air supply, heat supply, water supply facilities.

The mobile unit is designed to perform the following operations:
• Preparation and supply of the site with leaching solutions;
• Pumping and collection of product solutions;
• Sorption of uranium in sorption columns of pressure type;
• Collection and storage of fresh and loaded resin;
• Storage and dosage of sulfuric acid.

Finished product is ion exchange resin rich in uranium.  To facilitate installation and transportation, the technical equipment is presented in prefabricated version. Accessories and household premises are located in transportable containers.








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