On April 21, 2014, Dr. Turyanskiy, Lebedev Physics Institute (Russia) delivered a lecture on ôAdvances in X-ray diagnosis of nanostructuresöat the IHT

Dr. Turyanskiy delivered a lecture on “Advances in X-ray diagnosis of nanostructures” for the specialists of the Institute for High Technologies. The Laboratory of X-ray diagnostic methods nanostructures, which Dr. Turyanskiy leads, was established in 2012 on the basis of X-ray Group Division of Solid State Physics and LPI research laboratory of the National Research University. The Laboratory has two modern X-ray reflectometry devices CompleXray, modified with the DRON series diffractometer, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Clever-23. The major areas of research laboratories are the hard X-ray optics and the energy range of x-ray diagnostics nanostructures methods.



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