Development of forensics of nuclear materials

Project partners:
  • Department of Energy, NNSA’a Office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation, USA
  • International Scientific Technical Center (ISTC), Russia

Technical collaborator:

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), California, USA

Project objectives:

  • To establish cooperation with the Kazakhstani organizations, which participate in the analysis of forensic enquiry materials.  Activities include selection of samples, analytical research related to the study and classification of uranium ore, uranium ore concentrates, uranium fuel pellets at the Institute of Nuclear Physics and the Institute of High Technologies, the subsidiary of JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom”;
  • To identify unique analytical profiles of the Kazakhstani materials; develop and implement advanced techniques to  categorize analytical profiles of the samples;
  • To determine the role of the organizations, such as the Institute of High Technologies in the sphere of analysis of the nuclear materials for forensic study.

 Expected results and their application:

  1. Based on the results of the study of the elemental and isotopic composition of samples of uranium ore concentrate and microstructure of fuel pellets of uranium oxide profiles of the analytical technology products of uranium production will be created. Analytical profiles will be interpreted in order to understand which of them can be used to determine the origin and the production technology materials.
  2. The specialists from the Institute of Nuclear Physics and the Institute of High Technologies will be trained in relevant analytical methods; the strengths and weaknesses of analytical laboratories will be assessed through inter-laboratory comparisons.
  3. A a specialized group of experts equipped with modern instruments, techniques, software and highly qualified personnel will be established to conduct scientific and technical expertise of various nuclear and radioactive materials and products.
  4. A system of quality assurance of the results of nuclear forensics, including internal and external analytical control, will be developed and implemented.



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